Culture tour

Guru Adventures offers a tour of Bhutan in a nutshell through the western Bhutan, where the gateway to our country is located for the international visitors coming via air. Ranging from visit to Tiger Nest (Paro Takstang) to river rafting in Punakha Dzongkhag, Bhutan at a glance tour has every kinds of adventures and experiences clubbed together within the 1 day journey from Paro International Airport. Not just the traditional Bhutan and it’s customs, tourist will get to see the modern Bhutan and it’s various amenities that has been adapted with changing times.

Depending on the your time, Guru adventures has itineraries from 4 days to upto 2 weeks to know and experience our unique country and it’s culture within a comfortable travel distance.

Western Week tour

6 Nights/7 Days tour (Starts from 1200 USD/person)

Western full Week tour

7 Nights/8 Days tour (Starts from 1400 USD/person)

Western Week + tour

8 Nights/9 Days tour (Starts from 1600 USD/person)

Western to central Tour

10 Nights/11 Days tour (Starts from 2045 USD/person)

Western to central + Tour

11 Nights/12 Days tour (Starts from 2245 USD/person)

Bhutan Quick glance tour

3 Nights/4 Days tour

Quick glance + tour

5 Nights/6 Days tour

Western Week tour

6 Nights/7 Days tour
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