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The word “Guru” means a teacher. Guru can be also referred to the great Saint “Guru Padma Sambhava” who visited Bhutan in 8th Century and introduced Vajrayana Buddhism in the country. As depicted in logo, the 3 mountains represent trinity “Ri-Sum-Goenpa”, Ri-Sum-goenpa stands for Manjushri, Vajrapani and Avolokiteshvara.
The temple, stupa and frayer flags represent a 3 traditional pillers of Buddhism, i.e Body, speach and mind of the Buddha. The trees, river, takins, and black necked crane represent the richness of flora and fauna in the country. The bridge represents our ability to connect people with the nature, culture and tradition of the country. Hence, satisfying the guests with our services that lead to happiness for all(Sun).

We are specialized in Cultural tour, Trekking, Birding, Botanical tour and many more. We can also organize the appointments with different agencies according to the interest of the guest. Bhutan is the right place to do RESEARCH on “GROSS NATIONAL HAPPINESS(GNH)” and “BUDDHISM” in particular. We also encourage tourist to try our Traditional medicines if your health problems has not been diagnosed with modern medicines. Use of traditional medicine has many history of success among tourist visiting Bhutan.Lastly but not the least, we the team of Guru adventures welcome you all to visit our tiny and peaceful country before it get changed


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