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Located between India and China with a population of just over 700,000 people spread over area of 38,394 kmsq is the Kingdom of Bhutan. The term Bhutan has been derived from the Sanskrit Bhu-utan meaning “High land”. Bhutan has many names given by different people depending on the its location and directions. Internationally known is “Bhutan” and locally known is “Druk” meaning thunder dragon.

Bhutan is the place of sacredness where great Saint Guru Padmasambhava visited Bhutan in 8th century to subdue demons, making them the guardians of religion, blessed the sites and introduced Tantric Buddhism which still exist today. The Sacred sites blessed by him still stand today which has been well taken care by the government and the people.

The visit of another Tibetan great saint Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyel in 17th century had shaped Bhutan by introducing dual system of religious and secular government. He vested civil power to high official known as “Desi/governor” and religious power to “Jekhenpo/Head abbot” remaining himself as country’s supreme leader. The trend of appointing Jekhenpo still exist having 70th Head Abbot although the appointing of Desi discontinued after last governor was elected as first Hereditary king of Bhutan in 1907. Now Bhutan has 5th King with new form of government since 2008.


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  • naomi

     It was my first time visiting Bhutan. The beauty of nature, culture, tradition, history, art & craft, the high-land, and sincerity of people, all made me fall in love with this country. I was filled with emotions and indescribable feelings at the end of this amazing tour. Guru Adventure compassionately guided through my dream journey in Bhutan that made my experience perfect. It would be a good idea to bring your motion-sickness medication for a long winding ride.

    Naomi Chan
    Currently in USA
  • merwin

    We spent an amazing 10 days in Bhutan with Sonam as our incredible guide-knowledgeable,friendly and kind. He went out of his way to make sure that not only was everything perfect,but that we could experience one of a kind moments in the incredible country.  Highly recommended! 

    C. Merwin
  • jeda

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    Ms. Jeda and the friends
    SOuth Korea
  • gg

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    Yong Hui and Yong yean li
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